PhD Masterclass

Deconstructing green

At the occasion of the European Society of Literature, Science and the Art’s 2018 conference, the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University conjunctly offer PhD students and younger postdocs the opportunity to participate in an exceptional, interdisciplinary and international master class with keynote speakers of high renown, in addition to participating in the conference event itself. The umbrella term ‘green’ opens up perspectives to debate one of the most pervasive and broadest tropes of our times, in the light of intertwined disciplines such as philosophy, art theory & history, literature & poetry, political & social sciences, environmental & medical humanities, color theory, perception and cognition, anthropology & ethnography, biology, biodiversity management and landscape architecture.

We have been looking for PhD candidates who wish to share and debate their ideas in-depth with keynote speakers Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing (University of California Santa Cruz & Aarhus University), Brigitte Luis Guillermo Baptiste (Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute Bogotá), Natasha Myers (York University Toronto, anthropology) and Olaf L. Müller (Humboldt University Berlin), in addition to Gareth Doherty (Harvard University) on June 13 and 17.

Download the final masterclass programme.

Click here for the Call for Participation in the master class.

Application: Interested candidates need to submit a short description of their research project and a biography of 2 pages maximum by the 15th of April via the conference online submission system (tick the box ‘masterclass’). The results of the selection process will be notified by the 30th of April 2018. Candidates who do not have any support from doctoral schools of their home universities or other funding sources can apply for one of the eight stipends for free master class registration provided by the Carlsberg Foundation.

Registration: In case of acceptance the regular registration fee is 1.900 DKK and covers: access to all conference activities from 13 to 16 March (keynote lectures, semi-plenaries, parallel sessions with ca. 120 paper presentations of international scholars, artistic evening events, opening cocktail, food & drinks at special event at the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst), conference program & materials, lunch and refreshments during the two master class segments of five hours each on 13 and 16 March.

The PhD course will take place at the main conference site, UCPH’s Southern Humanities campus (13th of June), and at Medical Museion (17th of June). 

Course requirements: Participants are expected to prepare a sharp 10 minutes presentation of their research, as well as contextualizing bullet points for the general discussion.

ECTS: Participants will be credited 3 ECTS points for attending both the master class and the conference program.

The Program:

13.6.              9-12h & 13-15h class segment 1

                      with Olaf L. Müller and Brigitte Luis Guillermo Baptiste

                      16-19h SLSA conference opening

                      19-21h Opening cocktail

14.6.              9-18h SLSA conference program

                      19-22h Evening event at Medical Museion

15.6.              9-15h SLSA conference program

                      16-22h ‘green Friday’ event at Statens Museum for Kunst

16.6.              9-18h SLSA conference program

17.6.              12-17h class segment 2

                      with Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing and Natasha Myers


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