Conference chair: 
Jens Hauser, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, UCPH

Associate chairs:
Louise Emma Whiteley & Adam Bencard, Medical Museion, UCPH

Conference assistants:
Maja Höhn (main coordinating assistant), Juliana Varn Jørgensen, Caroline Heje Thon, Sara Klingenberg, Ragnhild Ståhl-Nielsen, Simone Cecilie Pedersen, Andrea Fjordside Pontoppidan, Elena Ortiz, Benedicte Smith-Sivertsen


Steering committee:

Jacob Wamberg (Aarhus University)

Elisabeth Friis (Lund University)

Lars Tønder (University of Copenhagen)

Birger Møller (University of Copenhagen)

Morten Søndergaard (Aalborg University)

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